Robyn Lindars

Mr. Hughes always enjoyed his long walks along the Calosahatchee River while calling Fort Myers, FL his home. One day he caught an aroma of meat on a nearby grill where he met Robyn and her brittanys, Scout and Remy.

Robyn Lindars is the creator of and happiest when she is testing out new recipes over live fire: Grilling, Smoking, Torching. She captures the “Floribbean” style of South Florida in her recipes. Check out her youtube channel where she makes everything from grilled cocktails to spatchcocked chicken.

Fanny loves to host a good time with friends by upgrading traditional dishes with booze infusion. So invite your favorite people and try out some of her recipes that incorporate Booze Dogs.

Robyn is a trained Steak Cook-off Association Judge and competes with her dad at the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Competition. She teaches “Women’s Grilling Clinics” to empower women to learn an awesome way to cook without creating a heap of dirty dishes! Robyn has appeared on “The Today Show”, “Food Network Chopped Grillmasters” (August 2013), The Cooking Channel’s “Foodography” and the Travel Channel’s “American Grilled”. When not behind a grill she passionately advocates for animal rescues and contributes a portion of proceeds to support no-kill shelters.

Robyn knows her way around a grill and enjoys sharing some of the basic when inquired by her friends, family, and fans. Watch her instructional videos below and visit her at for more grilling ideas.

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