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Featured Booze Dog Celebrities!

Meet Monroe & Presley

Dog Breed: Boxer 

City:Morgantown, WV

Great pups who are always up for an adventure

Favorite Booze Dog Product: Looking forward to exploring all the flavors! 

Meet Bullitt Bartholomew

Dog Breed:Silver Labradore Retriever

City:Rockport, IN

Bullitt will be 1 year old May 8th...he is so friendly and lovable. Loves treats, toys and go outside to play with his sister Riley!!!

Favorite Booze Dog Product: Bourbon burgers

Meet Riley Alana

Dog Breed:Charcoal Labradore

City:Rockport, IN

Riley will be 1 year old May 8th. She is very sweet and lovable; she always wants to show you a pretty toy or sock...when she wags her tail her butt shakes...she loves treats and loves to play with her brother; Bullitt

Favorite Booze Dog Product: Bourbon burgers

Previous Winners

Smoke & Ashley

Dog Breed: Beagles 

City: Bedford, OH

Smoke and Ashley are brother and sister from the same litter, but look nothing alike. They have never been apart since we adopted them 8 years ago. Smoke is the lover and Ashley is a cranky little lady with an attitude. They love to play and run with the big dogs.

Favorite Booze Dog Product: Bourbon Burgers

Sadie & Oliver

Dog Breed: Havanese

City: Concord, CA

Oliver is stunning goofy sweet, Sadie is beautiful sweet adorable

Favorite Booze Dog Product: Can't decide, love them all!

Lexington & Remington

Dog Breed: Vizsla and Lab

City: Lexington, SC

Lexington was rescued from a wooded area behind an Armory. She is 7 years old and full of energy and love. Definitely as loyal to me as I am to her.

Favorite Booze Dog Product: Bourbon burgers and dogs. Tried a friends and will be ordering.


Dog Breed: Yorkie/Japanese Chin mix

City: Naples, FL

I have it on pretty good authority that this is an actual dog... Actually, he is a great 13 year old that still has the energy and excitement of a puppy. He does have a face only his mother could love though.

Favorite Booze Dog Product: Never had them, but look forward to it!


Dog Breed: English Golden

City: Greenville, NC

Full of energy, sweet disposition to all. Dad from Ukraine, Mom from Belarus.

Favorite Booze Dog Product: Hot Dogs


Dog Breed: Mini Australian Shepherd

City: Greenville, NC

Princess warrior, fiesty fetcher, prances like a Clydesdale, intense like boyscouts, sings like a smoker, squirrel hunter, master of the English language and beloved pack member.

Favorite Booze Dog Product: Rover Rum Brats


Dog Breed: Lab Mix

City: Knox, IN

From puppy to adult, he is the best boy ever!

Favorite Booze Dog Product: Boozy Brats