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What is Booze Dogs?

Are you curious about what Booze Dogs is? Booze Dogs is a rescue story spotlighting the critical role that friends play in our lives as we all combat feeling isolated, lonely, and bored. Booze + Food + Friendship is “The Good Life.” It is social food that fosters friendship. It is an excuse to invite and to share with guests, or to send a gift of appreciation to a friend afar.

K9s for Warriors

Booze Dogs is committed to advocating for both canines and mankind who experience isolation, loneliness, and even boredom. For this reason, Booze Dogs is a proud supporter of K9s for Warriors which simultaneously rescues veterans and canines from these hardships by connecting them in companionship. Men and men’s best friends experience countless benefits when united. When you buy Booze Dogs products, you are taking action and investing in partnerships that remedy these real-life problems. So, thank you for choosing Booze Dogs and being part of the solution.

Mr. Hughes

You now may be asking what a dog named Mr. Hughes has to do with boozy meat? Mr. Hughes, a boxer and our co-founder, along with my great grandfather made an impact in my life, and they share a similar story. Mr. Hughes was a rescue through a local organization. I never understood the depth of companionship between a dog and his human until Mr. Hughes came into my life. Mr. Hughes sure knew how to find the spotlight. He was confident and charming with an insatiable appetite for food and making friends. Every where he went folks approached to meet him and departed with a smile, glad to have shared a part of their day with Mr. Hughes.

Frank Hofbauer

All the same attributes described my grandfather, Frank Hofbauer. He was one of those “most interesting men,” a Hungarian immigrant traveling by ship from Italy to Ellis Island. He and his family found refuge. He achieved the “American Dream” by owning a manufacturing business. He realized this dream through his uncanny ability to make connections with people. Unassuming, he could entertain a crowd with a whiskey in hand, as he found special pleasure in food and a social drink.

The Bluetick Bourbon Variety Bundle would be his preferred selection and happens to be the most popular Booze Dogs infusion. No matter the destination, he enjoyed the “good life” and he never met a stranger along the way. Booze Dogs celebrates their shared talent in ensuring others do not feel socially isolated. Booze Dogs believes you should discover pleasure in your food & your relationships, “The Good Life.” What better icon to embody my grandfather’s healthy appetite for food & companionship than our canine companions?

Mr. Hughes’s story of travel and crafting new booze-infused foods reflecting the libations and friends he met along the way, is joining the charge in sharing a much larger and important tale. Our common quest is to be accepted, to belong, and to find a community with rich companionship. Therefore, choose Booze Dogs’ flavorful line of meats. By doing so, you will be locking arms with us as we support organizations like K9s for Warriors in their pursuit to rescue both canine and veteran.

Thank you,
Joe & Mr. Hughes