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4 Gifts for the Impossible Man

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We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s their birthday, they’ve had a promotion at work, or you simply just want to pick them up a treat. Whatever the case may be, you’re on a mission to buy a man a gift and they refuse to tell you what they want. No worries-we’re here to take the guessing out of gifting! From Booze Dogs booze-infused meats, here are 4 gifts for the impossible man.


Boozy Burgers

What man doesn’t love a good burger? Made with premium chuck and pork shoulder and blended with the highest quality spices, our burgers come in three different flavors inspired by three very different dogs. If the man in your life is partial to a good gin and tonic, he’ll love our Prime Ginister burgers, a favorite of Sir Spencer. If he’s big on southern spirits, he’ll love our bold Blue-Tick Bourbon burgers, Buford’s pick. If he spends his summers on the boat pretending he’s a pirate on the high seas, we’ll wager he’d choose our Jolly Rover Rum pack, Captain Bimmy’s go-to. Whatever flavor you choose, he’s sure to wow his friends when he throws these boozy burgers on the grill-making them the perfect gifts for the impossible man.


Boozy Jerky

Does the man in your life love to camp? Nothing else is as iconic as jerky when it comes to camping fare. Available in both strip and snack stick form, our jerky strips are perfect for on-the-go adventurers and outdoorsmen. These juicy, flavorful, jerky packs are mess-free and portable, making them perfect for exploring or sharing around the fire. Choose from our Prime Ginister, Bluetick Bourbon, or Jolly Rover Rum flavors for a portable snack that packs a punch. These bite-sized meats make great gifts for the impossible man.


Boozy Dogs

We’ll be the first to say it, sometimes burgers can get boring. Next in line will always be an American classic: the hotdog! Just like our burgers, our skinless, booze-infused alcohol gifts come in three flavors. Whether you’re watching the game with the family or taking your tribe to a tailgate, our booze-infused hotdogs are a must for any sporting event. Made from premium pork shoulder, our hotdogs are versatile in the kitchen. With these gifts for the impossible man, make it a date night! Try adding some boozy hotdogs to your own home recipes to spice things up.


Boozy Brats

Although bratwursts may not be as common as burgers or hotdogs, what man would pass up sausage? Our naturally encased, coarse-ground brats come in all the flavors mentioned above. If you know a man who means business when it comes to breakfast, these are sure to be a hit. Worried about the yucky stuff? Slow-smoked with all-natural hickory wood chips, once cooked, there’s nothing synthetic about this flavor. Once cooked, you’ll keep your eyes on them-they have a tendency to disappear!


Booze Dogs | Gifts for the Impossible Man

Whether he’s a serious sous chef or you’re simply looking for funny gifts for husband, we hope we’ve helped! From brats to burgers, there’s nothing like the love a man has for met. if you’re struggling to find gifts for the impossible man in your life-take a stab at something new with our spirited meats! If you have a carnivore in your kitchen, they’re sure to love our meat and alcohol gifts. For more information about Booze Dogs and to browse our available selections, visit our website today!

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