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Easy Camping Dishes For Your Next Camping Trip

Easy Camping Dishes For Your Next Camping Trip

What’s better than the smell of a campfire, being around those you love, and roasting whiskey dawgs on a cold night? Booze Dogs wants to be a part of your next camping trip, and we have the best booze-infused food to take your camping dishes to another level. But, of course, when you go camping, it’s best to stay simple, so good thing our team was able to put together a list of easy camping dishes for your next trip!

Easy Camping Dishes

  • Campfire Nachos: Take nachos to the outdoors with this simple recipe for campfire nachos. With a cast-iron dutch oven or even a cast-iron skillet, importantly with a cover, you can create the most delicious campfire food. A quick and easy meal that is hard to mess up while also being a fan favorite for one of the top camping dishes.
  • Roasted Hot Dogs: Roasting hot dogs are one of the most common camping dishes out there, but if we told you we could make it fun? Booze Dogs offers a variety of booze-infused whiskey dawgs. Take metal skewers, put your bourbon hot dogs on them, roast them over the campfire, and enjoy a delicious alcoholic hot dog.
  • Cast Iron Bratwurst: Along with our options of bourbon hot dogs, if bratwurst is more your thing, don’t you worry. Booze Dogs is proud to be one the highest ranked for best liquor meat & deli, offering booze-infused bratwurst as well. Like alcoholic hot dogs, roasting a bratwurst is easy, simple, and equally delicious, and can even be cooked on a cast iron skillet.
  • Grilled Burgers: Now that we have you on the booze-infused hot dogs, what if we also told you about our booze-infused burgers? Our liquor-infused meat takes grilling a regular burger to another level. Take your favorite portable grill, pop these liquor-infused burgers on, grill to your desired temperature, and top with all your favorite toppings.

Booze Dogs | Whiskey Dawgs

Booze Dogs is a company that brings together family and friends and elevates dinner parties with our booze-infused meat. What’s more of a bonding experience than camping? With our variety of liquor-infused meat, we give our customers endless options for how to elevate their next dinner party and take camping dishes to another level. Visit our website and browse our inventory of the best liquor meat & deli and see how we can help!

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