Italy Eats Hot Dogs?

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The hot dog has been a staple in backyard barbecues, ballpark food stands, and kids’ menus since the beginning of time. The simple concept of a flavorful piece of meat tucked away in a specifically designed bun has remained solid as the most common way to enjoy a hot dog. But what if there was a different way to enjoy a boozed and infused brat or dog that was more inventive? Well taking a quick trip across the pond to Italy will open you up to a new world of recipes involving this iconic American delicacy.

American Pizza

Italian cuisine has been rated the best food in the world by critics, and for a good reason. Pizza and pasta are two dishes that are internationally loved and are the basis of a variety of different cultural fusions. None more than the American Pizza. American pizza has become a widely popular and oddly traditional style of pizza served throughout Italy. This delicious creation begins its life as a regular pizza but right before it gets thrown into the oven slices of boozed and infused hot dogs or brats are added as a topping. Once the pizza is then done cooking it is pulled out and topped with french fries. This American-inspired delight is surely one to try and is one of our recommended recipes for 4 people perfect for sharing with friends.

Pasta Stew

Alongside pizza, pasta is a crown jewel in the world of Italian cuisine. The immense variety of pasta types, sauces, and cooking techniques make it easily adaptable to thousands of recipes across the globe. However, while seen as sacrilegious in most areas of the country the capital city of Rome has begun using boozed and infused hot dogs and brats in their pasta recipes. None more than in the extremely popular chickpea pasta stew. Chickpea pasta stew is a hearty soupy pasta dish extremely popular in northern cities along with major cities such as Rome. This dish usually includes a variety of vegetables as a garnish and as the main star of the broth itself. However, in recent years slices of hot dogs and brats have become a major component in tourist-centered areas. This recipe’s flexibility allows you to be creative and come up with a variety of recipes for 4 that your entire family will love.

Booze Dogs Takes On Italy

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