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Gifts for the Impossible Man - Booze Dogs Edition

gifts for the impossible man

We all have one guy in our lives that says he has everything he needs, making gift-giving the hardest task in modern years. Finding gifts for the impossible man doesn’t have to be a complex operation, we just need to focus on the right items. Whether you are looking for funny gifts for husband, or you need gift ideas for the upcoming holidays, Booze Dogs has you covered! Read along and take note of the top flavorful items the impossible man won’t be able to turn down.

Bluetick Bourbon Hot Dogs

Inspired by the charred oak casks used during bourbon’s aging process our Bluetick Bourbon hot dogs are slow smoked with natural hickory hardwood chips to enhance flavor. No impossible man can refuse the perfect blend of the finest spices and real bourbon marinade. From weekend social festivities to special occasions, the Bluetick Bourbon will take your meal to the next level.

Prime Ginister Jerky Strips

Got an impossible man that is always on the go? Made from pork shoulder and ground chuck beef, the Prime Ginister jerky strips will keep you going even on your busiest days. Blended in the highest quality spices and marinated in real gin, our jerky strips are the perfect option for those in search of gifts for the impossible man and gifts for alcohol lovers.

Jolly Rover Rum Variety

In the unlikely event that your impossible man doesn’t like the two products above, we present to you the Jolly Rover Rum Variety, one of our top-selling bundles. Includes five bratwurst servings, three burgers and eight servings of rum-infused meat. The Jolly Rover Rum variety is a crowd pleaser featuring notes of sugarcane, molasses, hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Boozy Blowout Sampler

Still deciding on gifts for the impossible man? Meet the Boozy Blowout Sampler! This sampler is perfect to impress the impossible man in your life with the entire Booze Dogs experience from the comfort of your home. This sampler includes high-quality burgers and hot dogs, combined with an invigorating mix of spices and marinated in superior bourbon, gin and rum. Our Boozy Blowout Sampler will keep the spirits up at your next celebration, or cookout.

Booze Dogs | Liquor Infused Meat

From the best bratwurst recipe ideas to finding gifts for the impossible man, Booze Dogs has just what you need. Our variety of spirit-infused products is carefully made for the impossible man in your life and people of all ages. Don’t settle for boredom! Be the food hero that provides social food to complement your social drink. Visit our website to learn more about our alcohol infused meat products!

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