Booze Dogs

Booze Dogs FAQs

Booze Dogs FAQs

Welcome to Booze Dogs! We are a local business located in eastern North Carolina that offers a unique twist to your cookout: alcohol infused food. We are dedicated to adding some flavor to your cookout. Booze Dogs is the perfect addition to any event, and there's something for everyone in our shop, whether you're into boozy dogs or a rum burger. Here are some frequently asked questions about our products and services.

Who Is Mr. Hughes?

Mr. Hughes is the ambitious and charming face of Booze Dogs. He travels far and wide spreading his love for meat and spirited moments with friends both old and new. He frequently makes an appearance at our events and loves to meet new people! Some of his favorite products are our infamous rum burger or boozy dogs.

Is Real Alcohol Used In The Recipes?

Yes! We make all of our alcohol infused food with real alcohol. Whether you prefer the bourbon, rum, or gin variety, there's something for everyone to enjoy with our boozy dogs, brats, and burgers. We use top-shelf alcohol in all of our recipes to ensure the best flavor possible. To view our full list of ingredients, please visit our website.

Can Animals and Kids Enjoy Booze Dogs?

While all of our products are made with real alcohol, our products are pet and child-friendly. When the meat gets cooked, the alcohol is cooked out of the food, meaning you cannot become impaired from eating it. Since Booze Dogs has already been cooked and simply needs to be reheated when it arrives at your door, there is little to no alcohol left in the food.

Booze Dogs | Alcohol Infused Food

At Booze Dogs, we are proud to be a small business that is looking to add some sizzle to your cookout with our alcohol infused food. From boozy dogs to our jerky, Booze Dogs is the perfect addition to any event. Our goal is to provide our customers with unique, delicious, and safe food options that will make their cookout one to remember. For more information about our products, please visit our website or contact us today. Thanks for choosing Booze Dogs!

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