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Take Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers Up a Notch

Take Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers Up a Notch

Everybody knows that the end of summer calls for two things: cold beers & cheeseburgers! Booze Dogs’ line of boozy burgers is the perfect social food to complement your social drink! We offer a range of options that take your favorite cold beers & cheeseburgers to the next level with delightful flavors and fun. Follow along with the leading liquor burger provider in Eastern NC as we give you a tour through our lineup of boozy burgers!

Booze Dogs Jolly Rover Rum Burger

Cold beers & cheeseburgers can’t go wrong when you’re stocked with our Jolly Rover Rum Burger! Crafted with a high-quality house blend of ground chuck and pork shoulder and marinated in real rum, the Jolly Rover Rum Burger is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next cookout. Our Jolly Rover featured recipe, Boozy Meat and Cheesy Potatoes, pairs perfectly with cold beers & cheeseburgers!

Boozy Burger Flavor Notes:

Escape to a tropic isle with our Jolly Rover liquor burger! These boozy burgers capture the sweetness of sugarcane and molasses, along with a hint of spice from fresh cinnamon and nutmeg.

Booze Dogs Prime Ginister Burger

Calling all gin lovers! Try this spin on gin with our Prime Ginister liquor burger. Perfect for backyard barbecues that call for only the finest cold beers & cheeseburgers, our Prime Ginister boozy burgers add the hint of zest your get-together craves.

Boozy Burger Flavor Notes:

Imagine giving your tastebuds a tour of the English countryside. Our Prime Ginister burgers feature notes of lemon zest that accompany a refreshing base of juniper. Can you think of a better way to treat your guests to cold beers & cheeseburgers? Neither can we!

Booze Dogs Bluetick Bourbon Burger

Last but certainly not least on our liquor burger tour, meet the Bluetick Bourbon Burger. With autumn just around the corner, these bourbon boozy burgers are perfect for your bonfire hangouts. Whether you’re cheffing up a new recipe or hankering for some cold beers & cheeseburgers, the Bluetick Bourbon Burger offers a uniquely delicious blend of high-quality spices and real bourbon infused into each bite.

Boozy Burger Flavor Notes:

Booze Dogs harnessed the flavors of charred oak casks that are a staple to the bourbon aging process. Get lost in the heart of Kentucky with our one-of-a-kind bourbon liquor burger.

Booze Dogs | Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers, but Better

Booze Dogs specializes in hand-crafted spirit-infused cuts. From boozy burgers to spirit-infused snack sticks, there’s something in store for all. Our range of boozy burgers is infused with real spirits and is designed for people of all ages to enjoy. Trust Booze Dogs to turn your next cold beers & cheeseburgers hangout into the event of the season! Visit our website to learn more about our range of high-quality social food products.

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