Snack Size: Bluetick Bourbon Jerky Style Steak Strips


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  • Two, 1-Oz Bourbon Infused Ground Chuck, Pork Shoulder, Jerky Style Steak Strips
  • Gluten free
  • No nitrates
  • Includes black Booze Dogs gift bag, gold tissue paper, and a Booze Dogs sticker
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  • Includes branded gift bag & gold tissue paper
  • Includes 2 servings of bourbon-infused jerky style steak strips and a spirited time spent with friends
  • 100% enjoyment guarantee
  • Your purchase supports causes like K9s For Warriors who rescue canines to serve our veterans

Why Booze Dogs?

  • Explore the "Good Life" by discovering joy in your food and friendships
  • Smoked, small-batch, 2 oz. (1 oz. per serving)
  • Made from ground chuck beef & premium pork shoulder
  • Gluten free
  • No nitrates, no nitrites
  • Blended in the highest quality spices and marinated in real bourbon, no synthetic flavoring
  • Slow smoked with natural hickory hardwood chips to enhance flavor
  • Smoked/pre-cooked and ready to enjoy!
  • Able to be enjoyed by friends of all ages

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Thank you so much 😊 very delicious