Jolly Rover Rum Variety 5 lbs. // 24 Servings


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  • Five, 3.2-Oz Rum Infused Pork Shoulder, Naturally Encased, Coarse Ground Bratwurst
  • Three, 5.3-Oz Rum Infused Ground Chuck, Pork Shoulder Burgers
  • Eight, 2-Oz Rum Infused Pork Shoulder, Skinless, Finely Ground Hot Dogs
  • Gluten free
  • No nitrates
  • Includes black Booze Dogs gift bag, gold tissue paper, and a Booze Dogs sticker
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  • Includes branded gift box & gold tissue paper
  • Includes a spirited time spent with friends, and 10 servings (bratwurst), 6 servings (burger), 8 servings (hot dogs) of rum infused meat for each 5 lb. unit ordered
  • 100% enjoyment guarantee
  • Burgers are not cooked and are shipped frozen with dry ice
  • Your purchase supports causes like K9s For Warriors who rescue canines to serve our veterans
  • Upon arrival, remove burgers from packaging and place in the refrigerator or freezer
  • Keep refrigerated or frozen until ready to cook thoroughly


Why Booze Dogs?

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  • Explore the "Good Life" by discovering joy in your food and friendships
  • Smoked, small-batch, 3.2 oz. naturally encased, coarse ground bratwurst, 5.3 oz. (1/3 lb.) burgers, and 2 oz. skinless, tender fine ground hot dogs
  • Bratwurst and hot dogs made from premium pork shoulder
  • Burgers made from premium ground chuck and pork shoulder
  • Blended in the highest quality spices and marinated in real rum, no synthetic flavoring
  • Bratwurst and hot dogs are slow smoked with natural hickory hardwood chips to enhance flavor
  • Gluten free
  • See Jolly Rover Rum bratwurst, burgers, and hot dogs for nutritional information
  • Smoked/pre-cooked bratwurst and hot dogs arrive frozen. Just thaw and reheat
  • Burgers arrive frozen. Just thaw and cook thoroughly.
  • Able to be enjoyed by friends of all ages
  • No nitrates, no nitrites

Meet Bimmy

Meet Captain Bimmy, the Potcake merchant turned buccaneer of the open seas. Voyage to the Caribbean with his rum infused line of meat that captures the sweetness of sugarcane, molasses, and cinnamon, with hints of nutmeg.