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Boozed and Infused Food for the Perfect Tailgate

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Boozed and Infused Food for the Perfect Tailgate

Fall is finally here which means tailgating is back in season! Football and its pre-game tailgates are American traditions that bring everyone together, whether you are there for the food or for the games—it's the perfect excuse to get boozed up! Gathering friends and family to celebrate a favored team has become an extremely popular and anticipated tradition during the fall. Next time you host a tailgate, the greatest way to impress your guests is to stock up on and grill Booze Dogs! With our smoky grilled flavor and juicy seasoned meats, we can assure every meat-eating guest at the tailgate will be satisfied. We offer the finest selection of boozed and infused meats at Booze Dogs. We can provide you with a two-in-one solution with our alcohol dog, boozy bratwurst, pork shoulder jerky and burger products.

Get Game Day Ready with Alcohol Dogs

It's hard to imagine making hot dogs taste any better than they already are. No matter how you dress your hotdog to be delicious, the meat is an essential part. Our alcohol dogs are elevated with each bite of our liquor-marinated meat. You have the choice of our Bluetick Bourbon hotdogs, Prime Ginister hotdogs, and Jolly Rover Rum dogs. Each bite will feel like a touchdown.

The Ultimate Tailgate Burgers

Beer and burgers—is there a better combination? Whether it’s predicted for your team to win or lose, you can prepare for any game by grilling Boozed Dogs. One of the best parts of tailgating is energizing yourself with delicious foods that get you in the perfect game-ready mood. You can get lost in the flavors and fill up with our boozed and infused burgers. Try our Bluetick burger blended with the highest quality spices and marinated in real bourbon. If you're not a bourbon lover, we also offer our finest selection of burger meat marinated in Gin and Rum.

Off The Grill Booze Bratwurst

German bratwurst is a famous pork sausage that has been around since the 1400s and boasts a flavorful blend of spices and sweetness. We recommend trying our bourbon, gin, and rum-marinated booze bratwurst in honor of Oktoberfest! Our booze bratwurst includes fresh pork, premium spices, slow-smoked with real hardwood chips, and is then boozed and infused with liquor to accentuate the flavor of the meat.

Game Day with Booze Dogs

No matter what team you are cheering for, we want you to enjoy the tailgate with us. We can not predict if your team will win or lose, but with Booze Dogs, we can guarantee that game-day win feeling with our boozed and infused, ready-to-grill game-day foods.

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