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The Ultimate Guide to Booze Infused Smoked Jerky That You Need to Try

smoked jerky

Everyone loves Smoked Jerky, but what if I said it is booze-infused Smoked Jerky? That’s right. At BoozeDogs, we are talking about our high-quality Smoked Jerky marinated in rum, gin, or bourbon. All made from premium pork shoulder and ground chuck beef, smoked with natural hickory hardwood chips. What makes it better? All ages can enjoy this quality and delicious snack.

Jolly Rover Rum Jerky Strips

Captain Bimmy, our friendly potcake, has Jolly Rover Rum Jerky Strips that he knows you will love! These jerky strips marinate in real rum and feature a blend of high-quality spices, including flavors such as sugarcane, molasses, cinnamon flavors, and hints of nutmeg. The Jolly Rover is not only for all rum lovers but for all ages and all taste buds.

Prime Ginister Jerky Strips

If gin is more your style, don’t worry. Our friend Sir Spencer, the English bulldog, has a smoked jerky for you! Our Prime Ginister Jerky is booze infused with real gin and a blend of the highest quality spices, featuring juniper and lemon zest flavors. Our Prime Ginister Jerky is ready to be a staple in your home.

Bluetick Bourbon Jerky Strips

If the Prime Ginister and Jolly Rover Rum Jerky Strips didn’t already excite you, hold your booze. We have another one. Our friend Buford, the hound, offers Bluetick Bourbon Jerky Strips from the heart of Kentucky, enticing you with our bourbon-infused jerky package. I know what you’re thinking. You can’t decide which one you want to try because all the booze-infused jerky strips grab your interest. Don’t worry; Booze Dogs offers a boozy jerky package, including all three booze-infused jerky strips, with an additional snack stick variety.

BoozeDogs | Smoked Jerky

BoozeDogs is here to stray away from the basic recipes and add a variety of spirited meat to your next cookout. Use our booze-infused smoked jerky to impress your friends and family at your next gathering. Who doesn’t love food that pairs well with your social drink of choice? So let us help you provide high-quality meat, bring a high-quality cookout, and create those spirited moments with friends and family. Visit our website to learn more about craft burger products today!

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