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What Goes With Brats?

From Booze Dogs booze-infused hot dogs and brats, here are 10 things that go well with the traditional German sausage.

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Booze-Kabobs: Shish Kabobs With A Kick

Without further adieu, here is your new favorite bratwurst recipe idea!

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Boozed and Infused Food for the Perfect Tailgate

We can not predict if your team will win or lose, but with Booze Dogs, we can guarantee that game-day win feeling with our boozed and infused, ready-to-grill game-day foods.

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How to Keep Food Warm At A Tailgate

No one wants to bite into a lukewarm bourbon burger or tepid alcoholic hot dogs. So, how can you keep your Booze Dogs warm and ready to eat? Here are a few tips.